Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. - Helen Keller

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Extremely Excited...

Today J was at a sign shop (Extreme Signs) and started talking to the guy who runs it about my want to do graphics and guess what! I'm working on a business logo for him, if he likes it he will use it and I will get paid. I have a few other things in the works with him that I will be able to share more about with you guys later on. I think it's okay to say it has to do with vinyl and graphics. I am so excited and have been working on logos for hours now, I am headed to bed, but wanted to share my news.

Sweet Dreams All...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tid bits...

I'm truly digging the new Evanescence Songs, it's about time! Love "Sweet Sacrifice". It Rocks!


I'm so board right now, I should be and will get up to clean in few minutes, but I am going to try and post more often...even if it is rubbish like this.
I went back to A.I. last night and took the whole family. At first the kids were not at all happy about going all the way to the other side of Nashville, it's and hour and a half drive, (yeah, for the commute!) but they thought it was awesome once they actually saw the School. They got to do the whole tour and were even allowed into the computer labs to play around a little bit. I think it was good for them because they seem to be a little more alright with the idea of me going to school now.
Well, I'm off to clean now, may post more later...

Monday, March 26, 2007

I haven't had a lot to say lately, so...

I'm sharing some art, that's basically what I try to do, when I'm not cleaning house or taking care of the children, I draw or mess around on the PC, trying to cultivate my creative side...

The picture you see above is a screen-shot frame from an Evanescence Video (Amy Lee) that I rendered in Photo Shop, below is the outcome. This is an older piece of mine, I have it on my art-only-blog so, I decided to move it here as I'm actually pretty happy with the way it turned out. I especially like her eyes and the soft, elvish quality the filters created.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

This and That...

I have been working on some stuff in Photo Shop, it's far from complete and has much to be desired, but alas it is only for practice so I'm not too worried about it. Working with the layers through trail and error has been loads of Those of you whom use PS know what i mean. Hell, i can hardly act as though I know what I'm doing other than stumbling through, but hey! It's fun! Mostly these are only for practice on layering and to see what I can do with fonts. Anyway, without any further delay, I present one of the two pictures I'm currently working on... Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's Thursday and...

The weather is beautiful, Spring is here at last and The children are out enjoying the gorgeous day. We have been out all week, hiking, biking and just enjoying nature. I am ready to begin summer time activities, ready to slough off the heavy dregs of winter and open my windows and doors once more inviting the life of Spring into my home and heart!

I love the life that this time of year seems to bring to everything. Even the air smells fresher, the wind briskly bringing the fresh scent of flowers and greenery. It is time to live in the sun again, gone are the gray and heavy skies that are synonymous to winter, the weighted clothing and dark colors. Let everything sparkle anew!

I hope that all of You, my friends are out and enjoying Yourselves as much as We are here!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Stay the Course...

Round and round and upside down jump through hoops and watch them.
Hurry up and rush ahead and don't lose yourself on the way out. Knowing,
one last turn could lead you back to where you've never been before.
And then what? Hmmm? Do you then just keep driving making a turn where
the road allows. And your final destination, will it ever come to you if
you do? They sat it can be done by those who will. Does that mean anyone
can do it? I'd say not, though not because it can't be.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

May As Well Join Them...

Alright Blu, RockDog, here is my Visual DNA thingy...
Damn the peer pressure!!!

Now and Then...

It really doesn't matter where I happen to be once it enters my mind it's all I think about. My mind tingles with excitement, perking with anticipation and I long for time to pass just a little more quickly between now and then. I try to keep myself occupied to help the time pass, but as tired as I am at the end of the day, my mind is on overdrive and refuses to shut down. I can only think of four other events in my life that have given me as much anticipation as this one. My wedding day being one and the due dates of each of my kids. I'm so looking forward to advancing and creating a career that I can love for myself, I really think this will help me to see me in a better light, ya know? I have to write a 150 word essay for the day that I go back to The Art Institute, then I'll fill out all the applications, reserving my seat for August 16th.

Other random things going on in my life include but are not limited to:
*Loosing weight again just as I get back up a little, I drop right back down, but I'm not going to worry about it too much, I have too many other things flying through my busy brain and that's probably why.
*My three year old explaining to me in very big boy terms that He was no longer my baby.
*My middle child deciding to just not do anything if He can get away with it. He is so bright that it really bothers me He is so lazy.
*My daughter is about to go through puberty,(is that okay to say on here?) that alone is terrifying. I haven't a clue, my mother just ignored it all until the night before my wedding. I know I can't do that, it's just not right. I know I can make it through this...

Anyway, just boring everyday, life stuff that happens in life. It all just seems to be in slow motion right now, though I know that will not be so for long, sooner than I care to think, I will be in a panic to make sure I have everything ready to go to school. Hmmm, am I really looking forward to that part? Yep! I'm looking forward to every step in this amazing learning adventure!

Happy Hump Day My Friends...

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Learning, Always...

Why do humans make things so much harder than they really have to be? Why is it that it can take a lifetime for some people to learn something that takes another person only years to figure out and others seem to be born with it? I know that we learn at our own pace and of course that is perfectly natural, but it seems as if there should be some things that just come imprinted into our genes. Perhaps there was at one time? Or, maybe it's still there and we just forgot how to tap into it? I don't know, but somehow, it's been lost to most of the population. Its been replaced though, or perhaps a stronger gene has taken over...who knows? My point is that people just don't care anymore. About anything, really...well, most don't anyway, there is that few somewhere out there that still do. Honestly, I don't think people realize just how selfish they are at times.

In fact, I don't think that people really think about things in those terms anymore. It really has become an every woman/man for him/her-self world, you do what you have to do so you can survive. I don't think people, for the most part, go through life looking for a way to screw someone over. I do think that people end up doing very selfish and insensitive things to get what they think they need or "deserve" at a moment and end up hurting others. I think that is why it is so hard to find a person to whom you can give your trust, to put your heart into that person's hand and say "Here, I'm giving you my heart to do will as you please. My heart means a lot to me, it's my life, all of who I am." There aren't many out there that I would want to even chance that with anymore.

This is where I have trouble because I'm an all or nothing type person, meaning: I don't know how to only be a half friend or only love someone this------much, only let them this-------------close, so that I will be protected. My friend K and T (someone we hope we can call a friend) were all talking about this today. Learning the difference between loving someone enough to see past their bullshit and letting someone use your big heart to get what they want. Where do you draw the line? When is enough, enough? We talked about this for a long time and it was nice to see that as far as the three of us...we are pretty much on the same page.

It was nice to sit and talk about things like this without anyone feeling like fingers were being pointed, just that we were stating our opinions. It's good to be on the same page as someone else, even though the words are written out a little differently through each set of eyes. I feel as if I am growing a lot lately, in many areas of my life and it makes me feel wonderful, makes me want to learn more so I can grow more and become the person that I know I can be. It makes me want to be a better person in all aspects of my life. That's a good thing.

Hope you all have a great week...

Friday, March 02, 2007

I Think I Figured it Out!

I have been playing hell with my PC lately and I THINK I finally figured out why. At least I hope I have. However, I still can't seem to get blogger to upload a pic for me! Grrrrrrrrr! It's not really a picture of anything, more a practice picture so I could work on Texts, fonts and filters...things of that nature.

Anyway, I thought since I did do the text pic, if anyone cared to continue on with what they think happens next...feel free!

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