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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Red Cross Heroes...

This is a project I'm working on in Advanced Typography. We have to make a bill-board, vertical poster and postage stamp.

The image of the super hero with the red cross and the American Red Cross Logo and font do not belong to me, but are being used by me under laws allowing me to use art for scholastic purposes. I am not trying to claim these two images as my own, nor the actual verbiage used, only the layout, design placement elements and fonts (other than that used in the American Red Cross logo) used for educational purposes only.

Now, with all that BS out of the way! Just making sure everyone understands and I don't want anyone to think I stole something! Anywhoo! Just though I would share this one as a Professor of mine told me I should add this as an example in my portfolio. (Which is legal so long as I add the same basic spill I gave you guys. :-)~

Seems like once a week may be all I can do for a while guys, I stay pretty busy between school, house, work, kids, husband and two cats...I haven't been still much lately, but I love it. My GPA (though not all I want it to be) is a 3.76 out of possible 4.0. Guess I can't be too upset at myself. This has been a longggggggggg semester and I can't wait for a much needed break! I am still working on this project and will get the rest up as soon as I can.
Anyway, hope you guys have a kick ass weekend!

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