Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. - Helen Keller

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Life Lately...

Wow, I feel like a total slacker. Here it is a couple of weeks and I haven't posted anything. Thanks so much for those of you who have come by to check on me...You all kick ass!

Well, I guess I should start with the whole job thing...I'm working the restaurant part time (whenever the owner calls) and at a ranch with my brother-in-law (S), at a camp and here at the house getting it ready to sell. I am not fond of the kitchen job still, though it has gotten easier to deal with the smell, but I absofuckinglutely LOVE working on the ranch. I'm a huge fan of horses and this allows me the opportunity to be around them and work with them without paying out the ass for one...S is also one of the coolest people I have the honor of calling friend, so that's cool and did I mention that I love it! I'm working at a camp as a cook...I love this job as well, I get to cook without having to fry everything I cook. It's also not short order cooking, I cook a meal for anywhere from 30 to 150 people then serve the food and clean the kitchen. I like that a lot better. It also entails cleaning dorms, but that's not bad at all. I have also had a few people ask me to create some artistic things for them...Needless to say this keeps me pretty busy, but right now that's what I need...something to keep me occupied.

Tuesday J's grandmother died and that has been super hard on him as they were very close. She had a stroke about two weeks ago and has been struggling since then. So it was a blessing, I guess, in that she isn't in pain anymore. I will miss her terribly, she is without a doubt the most kind person I have ever met in my entire life. Period. I never heard that woman raise her voice or utter anything that could even remotely pass as judgmental, harsh or uncaring. She was 87 years old, Mother to 1, Grandmother to 3 and Great Grandmother to 10 grandchildren. She lived a long life and lived it as an amazing woman, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

Other than this there really isn't much of anything at all going on in my life right now...I guess I should be glad of this as my plate is pretty full as is. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I finally got a job...

I just wanted to let everyone know that if I don't manage to comment it's not because I'm not reading or's just that I'm either not here or too tired to even turn on my PC. I'm not going anywhere, I will still be here, it's just that right now I'm trying to get into some kind of regular work schedule, right now I am just working whenever the owner has me there.

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