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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Winding back through the years...

I was over at Rock Dog's Blog and saw this really cool meme that he did, and decided to do one myself.

It asks what you would say to yourself if you could write a note to you when you were 13, did that make sense? Here are a few things I would love to say to me back then.

Dear thirteen year old Scarlett,

I’m writing you (myself) from 16 years in the future, the date is 12/20/07, the president is George Bush, no not Bush Sr. there is a Jr. Yes, yet another one made it in...God Bless America :o)

Anyway, none of that is why I’m writing you, there will be time for that later. For now I want to try and pass down a few pieces of knowledge that you may find useful. Here goes…

Whatever you do, where ever you go, no matter who you happen to be around…DON’T let people convince you that you’re ugly, stupid and worthless, it’s just not true and you’re going to spend the next sixteen years making stupid mistakes to convince yourself of this and you’re going to waste a lot of time beating yourself up over why these people don’t like you. It’s their loss, let that shit roll off your back. Besides, most of those people now look at you and trip out on how different you look and YES you will have boobs someday!

Work HARD in school, don’t be lazy, you’re smart and would do well to learn now while your young, believe me, you will appreciate yourself more in the future if you do. History IS important and you will find later in your life that you actually DO enjoy the subject; in fact you love learning of any kind. Pay particular attention to your English/Literature classes, it will come in handy when you begin writing, yes, we write (sometimes), isn’t that cool!

Don’t light that cigarette! Put that out right now! You dense girl, what the hell are you thinking, you sing, you play musical instruments and you’re fucking it all up even though you don’t realize it yet, you’re laying the path that will eventually take a big toll on all of that! Take care of your lungs, keep singing and playing, don’t let that talent slip past you, you have as good a chance as anyone to make something out of it, so long as you don’t screw it up!

Draw your heart out! Let all of it out in your art, stop bottling things up, it doesn’t help. It’s only going to build up more and more until we just become a very angry little bitch for a while.

Remember that no matter what is going on in your life, it will pass, there is nothing placed in front of you that you aren’t able to handle if you will use your mind to figure it out and not just react emotionally.

I could go on for ages on things you shouldn’t do and things that will make your (my/our) life easier, but you are young and curious, and have much on your mind, so I will stop now and let you get back to your life. It does get brighter :o) go live it!

Your Future Self

P.S. You are still a tomboy and I don’t think that will change though you will learn to enjoy getting dressed up to go out with your significant other. Yes dear, you will eventually find someone….


RockDog said...

Scarlett, that was great! This is by far one of my favorite memes to read. It has really helped me to get to know some of the people around here a lot better.

scarlett said...

Thank you! Yours was the first of this particular meme that I've read and I absolutely loved it, it's been the first thing in a long, long time that has actually given me some kind of inspiration to write something. Thank you for sharing and giving me that opportunity!

Jay said...

I usually avoid those memes as much as possible and if I do do them (hehe I said "doo-doo") I make up silly or smart ass answers.

But, I liked this one. I did it a couple of weeks ago too.

Yours is great! Excellent letter to yourself!

I can't believe anyone ever tried to tell you that you weren't good looking! Jeez! You're beautiful!

scarlett said...

Lol....doo doo!

I haven't done a lot of memes either, but I find the last couple I have done, I've enjoyed and I'm going to head over to your blog a little later on to read the one you did on this subject, I'm interested to see what you would send to yourself!

Thank you Jay, I feel pretty good about the way I can look now if I make the attempt to, but I was pretty plain, perhaps even a little bit (really) ugly back in the day. LOL!

That girl said...

Scarlett - what a great meme! i LOVED it.

Merry christmas to you too by the way!


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