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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville

Wednesday night I went to the Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville and talked to an Admission Director. She was very nice and helpful. She looked at my art and said she was impressed, I was blown away, it was a real confidence booster for me. I'm so excited I feel like a kid again!
I have decided that it would be best to still go and check out Nossi, I want to see what is out there, I don't want to limit myself in any way. Though I must say I was really impressed with the School. It's small, but nice, modern and not hard to get to, though it is an hours drive away in one direction. *Sigh. Of course, so is Nossi.
It looks as if I wont start until August 16, 2007, but I think I can wait until then! That's a good time anyway, my kids will ALL be in school, even the youngest will be old enough by then to be in Head-Start. Then, I get to start down the road to my career...Graphic Design!


RockDog said...

Sounds exciting! Good luck with whatever school you choose! Your art is killer!

! said...

Thank You Rock Dog!


captain corky said...

I just took a look at your stuff on your other blog. Very nice! You have a lot of talent.

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