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Monday, December 26, 2005

Bonnie and Clyde

This is J and I on an anniversary trip two years ago...I think I'm going to write a story to go with this one :) I was so cold in this picture, it was taken in a shop in Gatlinburg, the shop was completely open in the front (why I was so cold) so that everyone who walked by could see in. I didn't have anything on underneath that coat either! The guy that took the picture told me not to let go of the coat...hmm, ya think? I can't wait until we can go back, if we do another picture like that, I think I want to be a saloon girl...I wonder if they would let J throw me over his lap?


sarahgilbert4264 said...

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lolalane said...

Girl, you're hot. Nice gams, Mami! Yeeow!

Scarlett said...

*blushing* thank you!

MsOrrie said...

you are beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

if bonnie had been 1/2 as desirable as you are...clyde would have never had time for crime,,,imp/angel

Anonymous said...

had bonnie been 1/2 as beautiful as you....clyde would have never had time for crime...imp/angel

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