Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. - Helen Keller

Monday, May 16, 2005

Just a thought

I have found myself lately, really studying people that surround my life, chatters included. The number of people incapable of thinking past their own wants and needs is astounding to me, that they can live their lives so completely without thought for others. When does a person become like that? Is it something learned or is it inherent? Why is it not, just as easy for people to be kind? Has everyone forgotten how?

Two hundred years ago, society was not like it is today, people helped each other, cared and watched out for one another. Parents raised their kids, taught them by setting a good example and by being consistent and not ballistic with them. Neighbors spent time watching out for each other and not fighting. Life was a wonderful high all on it's own, there was no use for poisons we put into our bodies everyday now. What caused this change through time? More importantly, can it be stopped or at least slowed.

Two hundred years ago when you called a person your friend, you had faith in that person and trust. Now "trust" is a very rare and special gift, not often found or kept. People are so interested in what is best for themselves that they don't take the time to SEE anyone around them, nor do they see how much they are hurting others. They charge into a situation with one thought in mind...ME!

Moreover, they will use anyone they can if they feel it furthers their own cause. How sad not to look around and think: What can I do to brighten someone’s day today? To think beyond ones self and reach out is probably one of our greatest gifts, so, what have so many done with theirs. What happened to the days of community and commitment to bettering humanity and constantly striving to better our selves.


Anonymous said...

LADY,the more I get to know You,the more i realize the inward beauty You possess and consider Your friendship an even greater gift than I had originally thought

Anonymous said...

I understand better now how I was drawn to You,and only hope that I can continue to grow and learn from You...imp

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