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Friday, June 27, 2008

The I Meme...

This is for Southern Sage

I am: A woman, mother and wife.
I think: Far too much.
I know: Far too little.
I want: To go to school.
I have: Everything I need.
I wish: That I could travel the world and help those who need it.
I hate: Selfish People.
I miss: The innocence I once felt.
I fear: The loss of a child.
I feel: Too much too often.
I hear: My children and a TV playing to no one in particular.
I smell: Pizza
I crave: To satisfy those I love.
I search: For Truth.
I wonder: If we truly are the only beings in this enormous universe.
I regret: Too much.
I love: Completely.
I ache: Deeply.
I am not: Selfish, cruel or jealous.
I believe: In a God of unfathomable love.
I dance: Every chance I get.
I sing: Ok.
I cry: Rarely.
I don’t always: Answer my phone when it rings.
I fight: Only if someone threatens my family or friends.
I write: In moods.
I win: Gracefully.
I lose: Gracefully.
I am never: Not tired.
I never: Panic in an emergency situation.
I always: Sleep on my right side.
I confuse: A lot of people.
I listen: To what people say.
I can usually be found: At work or at home.
I am scared: Of falling under frozen water.
I need: Therapy!
I am happy: Sometimes.
I imagine: So many things….


Anonymous said...

atta girl!!
good answers.........
is falling in frozen water a real possibility there??

Scarlett said...

:-) Thanks!
Nope...thank goodness!

Dana said...

Love your answers Scarlett, but that darn Sage need to give proper Blog props *wink*

RockDog said...

Fun mem Scarlett!

Have a kick ass weekend!

Dana said...

Oops!! Who knew there were two Sages out there! I need to pay more attention. Still love your answers though ...

Jay said...

Excellent answers Scarlett!

blue said...

gentle answers...good job.

CRIMSON said...



Scarlett said...

Dana: Two Sages you say?

Scarlett said...

Rock Dog...It was pretty fun...

You too!

Scarlett said...

Dana: Thank you...did you do one of these as well? I need to surf on over and see hmm?

Scarlett said...

Jay: Thank you!

Scarlett said...

Blue: Thank you...I will be sure to stop by your blog I promise when I have time to enjoy...!

Scarlett said...

Crimson..Thank you for stopping by and I will also check out your blog when I'm not headed out the door for work!

Come back any time!

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