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Friday, May 16, 2008

Riding the Barrel!

I have told you all about working at the farm, well yesterday I took T (my 5 year old...he just got out for summer break) out there with me. We had a blast. I bought a memory card for my camera and took it with me...This is one of the videos I took. S and N finally talked T into riding on the bull training barrel, he had a blast. The guy with the cowboy hat (N) runs the farm/ranch and the other guy is my brother-in-law... S. They also talked me into getting up there, but I wasn't about to let anyone video that. LOL!

While I'm not a huge fan of country music, this is one of my favorite country songs and I thought it fitting as he was really afraid to get up there, but did it anyway. I know it's not the best shooting, but I would say not too terrible for a first try. I'm also still figuring out all the ins and outs of editing video...anyway I thought I would see what you all think of it anyway.


RockDog said...

Hi Scarlett!

When I went to watch the video it says that it is no longer available :(

I bet it was fun though!

Jay said...

Darn! I got the "no longer available" too. Did you use a current song with the video? They might have pulled it because of the copywrite on the song. Maybe Photobucket would work?

Scarlett said...

Rock Dog, Jay....

I don't know, it works when I tried it...I re-embedded the thing...perhaps it will work now?

This is the URL for it, maybe that will work for you guys?

Scarlett said...

OK, I'm a total moron, you guys can try it now...I had it set to private...doh!

Anonymous said...

awesome vid, couldn't use the sound though being home and all.
Pretty boy too!!

Melissa said...

You have a gorgeous kid, and it looked like he had a blast! Great video, Scarlett.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sexy!
I know you're busy but I thought I'd tell you I wound up boob-a-thon and linked you!!

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